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51 Martyrs of Barbastine, Spain
40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste
Blessed Virgin Mary
Holy Family
Patron Saint List
San Fernando Mission
San Jose Mission
Seal of a Relic
Shrine of the Holy Relics
St. Andre Kim
St. Anthony Claret
St. Anthony's Chapel
St. Beatrice
St. Bernadette Soubirous
St. Candidus
Bl. Cesar de Bus
St. Claire of Pisa
St. Claude de la Columbiere
St. Clelia Barbieri
St. Constantine
St. Dominic of God
French Seminarians martyred in Korea & Vietnam
St. Gemma Galgani
St. Helen
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Ven. Jacinta Marto
St. Joan Delanoue
St. John Vianney
Bl. Jose Maria Robles
Bl. Junipero Serra
St. Lawrence
St. Margaret Mary
St. Maria Soledad Acosta
St. Maria Angeles of Guadalajara, Spain
Martyrs of Trier
St. Mary Magdeline, crypt of
St. Mary Pilar of Guadalajara, Spain
Bl. Miguel Pro
St. Necktarios of Aiezna
Ven. Padre Pio
St. Peter's Chains
Pope St. Pius X
St. Sharbel
St. Simon Stock
St. Teresa of Guadalajara, Spain
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Ubaldus
St. Vibiana
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