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Pictured is a relic of the True Cross (on the left) and a relic of St. Clelia Barbieri.
St. Clelia is especially honored, as her voice has been heard miraculously, since the time of her death, in the houses of the order she founded. Especially in LeBudre, Italy, her voice is heard accompanying the sisters in their hymns, in religious readings, and in their conversations. It is often heard accompanying the priest during the celebration of Mass and during sermons.
     Information regarding St. Clelia from the book Relics, by Joan Carroll Cruz, ©1984, Joan Carroll Cruz. (Used with permission)
Wouldn't All The Relics Of the Cross Be Enough Wood For 2 or 3 Crosses?
     In 1870 a Frenchman, Rohault de Fleury, catalogued all the relics of the True Cross including relics that were said to have existed but were lost. He measured the existing relics and estimated the volume of the missing ones. Then he added up the figures and discovered that the fragments, if glued together, would not have made up more than one-third of a cross.

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