We have long awaited the following pictures of the greatest collection of relics
in the world, outside of the Vatican.

Located at 1700 Harpster St., Pittsburgh, PA (Troy Hill), this chapel, and founded in 1883 by Father Mollinger, this collection of relics that now ranges 4,200, started from his rescuing many reliquaries from Germany during the time of Bismark's "culture struggle".

The relics are contained in 800 cases with 525 accompanying documents. Many relics contained in one reliquary require only one document, or "authentic". For example, Press Here.

Next, you can view a picture of a "side altar".

One reliquary, not usually on display in the chapel, resembles a monstrance, and has a relic of the Truth Cross in its center. Press here.

Due to the generous contribution of Fr. W. David Schoor, Pastor, we are able to give you these pictures, which are only small samples of the chapel under his care. And also to Cookie Jaworski, who was patient enough to wait for this book to be published (that these pictures were derived from) to send us a copy, in order to help us promote this fabulous Chapel.

The Chapel is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

St. Anthony's Chapel Shop
1700 Harpster St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4393
412-323-9504 (please remember Eastern time)

The Chapel Shrine is registered as a member of the International Crusade for the Holy Relics.

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