This is a life-size photo, in double exposure, showing "front & back" of the Relic.   

According to Alban Butler, St. Candidus was a member of the Theban Legion, a group of Christian soldiers recruited by Maximian Herculius in Upper Egypt.
    When Maximian ordered all his soldiers to join in offering sacrifice to the pagan gods for the success of their expedition, the members of the Theban Legion refused to take part in the rites.
    Candidus, known as the senator militum, was among the leaders of the Theban Legion who led the opposition to Maximian, noting that "we are your soldiers, but we are also servants of the true God. We cannot renounce Him who is our Creator and Master, and also yours even though you reject Him."
    Maximian, seeing no hope of overcoming their constancy, ordered that the entire Legion by put to death. This all occurred near Aguanum (c. 287) and September 22nd is the day that Candidus and his companions are commemorated in the Roman Martyrology.
    For many centuries, the principal relics of Candidus and his companions were preserved in a 6th century reliquary at the Abbey founded by St. Theodore of Octodurum.

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