Reliquary of St. Teresa of Avila

     St. Teresa was a Discalced Carmelite nun who became the first woman to be declared a Doctor of the Church. She experienced almost every phenomenon peculiar to the mystical state, yet she remained a shrewd businesswoman, administrator, writer, spiritual counselor and foundress.
     The relics pictured above are here identified, working from left to right:
1. Item used by St. Teresa
2. Cloth used by St. Teresa
3. Chest of turtleshell and silver owned by St. Teresa
4. Bone fragment of St. John of the Cross
5. Rose petals touched to the body of St. Teresa
6. Staff used by St. Teresa in her last years
7. Autograph fragments of St. Teresa
8. Phial containing blood of St. Teresa
9. Sole of St. Teresa's sandal
10. Ring finger of St. Teresa's right hand
11. Saints rosary.
On the left is a reliquary in silver and crystal, a symbol of the "Interior Castle". It contains the "Autograph" of the book. Underneath that picture is the Autograph. Below in a silver shell case is the Autograph of "The Way of Perfection". A facsimile reproduction is pictured along side. These relics are located in the various Carmelite foundations throughout Spain.

One more relic of St. Teresa is available for viewing - her incorrupt left arm.

Pictures courtesy Joan C. Cruz, and "Saint Teresa of Avila, A Spiritual Adventure", ICS Publications.

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