Reliquary at the San Jose Mission, Fremont, California

    This picture was sent to us by a frequent visitor to our web site. The reliquary contains filings from the nails of the True Cross, a relic of the True Cross, and the relics of 8 martyrs.
    The relic of the True Cross is situated in the main frame, in the center.
    In the large frame, in the dark framed center, the nail filings are kept, in an exact duplicate of what the True Nails actually looked like. The certificate that takes up the bottom half of the frame is the "authentic" which accompanies all relics, stating the authenticity of the relic or relics named in the document. Some consider the document to be more valuable than the relic itself. It's important to note that there is a red wax seal with a string attached from the certificate to the relics themselves. This certificate verifies that these are actual relics, and not imitations. Any breakage of this seal would rendor these relics in-authentic.

Displayed along the bottom of the main frame, are the relics of 8 martyrs, listed below in Latin. St. Evari, M.
St. Bonosiae, M.
St. Donati ,M.
St. Venerati, M.
St. Allumin, M.
St. Liberati, M.
St. Venerandi, M.
St. Benigni, M.

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