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In order to cover the various expenses that come with an apostolate of this nature, we have provided material that may be of interest to visitors to our site.

A Video of the Shrine in St. Anthony's Chapel, made in 1992 by Paul Ruggieri, a professional cameramen who worked for one of the local TV stations, and  volunteered his spare time to create this video. Shown on EWTN, this video includes the 14 life sized Stations of the Cross. Also includes the personal life of Fr. Mollinger, who provided the majority of this collection of relics for public view. This video is available for $19.95 + $4.00 shipping.

If you are the proud keeper of a relic, we have some suggestions for displaying it with (humble) pride.
Handmade Reliquaries

Prepare you relic for veneration in this beautiful solid wood cross, similar to the one housing the relic of St. Clelia.

Overall size: 11"H x 6½"W
Wood width: 1½"
Wood thickness: 7/8"
Pre-drilled hole: 1" dia.

Cost $20.00 each.
Shipping & Handling $5.00
Supplies are limited.

If you are only interested in products on this page, please mail your request, making your check or money order (sorry, no credit cards please), payable to:
Chevalier Thomas J. Serafin
PO Box 21301
Los Angeles, CA 90021 U.S.A.


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