"The Forgotten Sacramental"

This concise 86 page book is the "official handbook" of the International Crusade for Holy Relics.

The ICHR guidelines for public and private veneration.
How to make a reliquary and the proper "blessing" in english and latin.
How you can identify a relic and understand the authentic terminology and abbreviations in italian & latin.

Also discussed is the relationship of a relic to the Mass and the altar. The official Church definition of a relic; what the Fathers of our faith had to say about relics, plus more...

Chevalier Thomas J. Serafin V.V. is Founder of the International Crusade for Holy Relics, he presides as Grand Master Knight. His restoration of various relic collections and numerous articles on his apostolate Saints Alive have made him a recognized "guardian of the sacred relics".


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