Knighthood Bestowed


   Chevalier Thomas J. Serafin, V.V. is one of only 4 men in the United States who has been honored by investiture into the Papally Approved Dynastic Order, The Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Vicosa. This recognition is rarely awarded and is limited to 100 Knights worldwide. The Knighthood is bestowed upon outstanding Catholics by HRH  D. Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganca and Count of Ourem, 36th titular King of Portugal and Godchild of Pope Pius the XII, as "Patron of the Kingdom".

    The investiture ceremony was held in the Royal Palace of  HRH   D. Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganca in Sintra, Portugal. The Order and its Knights are fully recognized by the Portuguese Government, the Vatican and the Sovereign Order of Malta as the Principal Dynastic Order of Portugal's Royal House of Braganca. Following the ceremony a private audience was granted to discuss the sale of religious relics on the internet. HRH is a prominent member of the ICHR and is deeply concerned about the proliferation of relic sales on the internet which is an obvious violation of Canon Law.

    Chev. Serafin presented HRH with a copy of his recent report on internet relic sales titled, "E-SIMONY" and additional copies of his book, "Relics-The Forgotten Sacramental". Chev. Serafin also gifted (on behalf of Saints Alive) the Duke of Braganca with a very special item, a complete consecrated altar stone which his godfather, Pope Pius XII celebrated Mass on. The altar stone will be inlayed into the main altar of the ICHR Relic Shrine in Ourem which will resemble the Arc of the Convenant. The altar designed to resemble the Arc will contain a relic from the excavation site of the Arc of the Convenant donated by Chevalier Serafin.

    Chevalier Thomas J. Serafin, V.V. is the Founder/Director of Saints Alive and Founder/Grand Master Knight of the International Crusade for Holy Relics.


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