Relics in Hungary
Parish Church of St. Stephen the King (Pest Basilica, Archdiocese of Esztergom). This silver reliquary contains the right hand of  St. Stephen the king, made by a viennese craftsman after the designs of Jozsef Lippert (1862).
This silver reliquary of the head of St. Ladislas, King of Hungary (early 15th c.) is in the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady (Diocese of Gyor). It is located in the Sanctuary of the Hedervary Chapel.
The bones of St. Innocent the Martyr, are located under the pulpit (shown on the far right) of the Parish Church of Our Lady, in the Diocese of Szombathely.

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Pictures & text courtesy of "Catholic Churches in Hungary", ©1991.

last edited March 20, 1998