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The Holy Relic Crusade

Visiting the faithful with a traveling collection of relics for the purpose of spiritual talks and public veneration is not a new idea. The practice of transporting the remains of the saints for veneration and exhibit began in the 11th century. Religious and secular traveled the countryside told stories of the lives of the saints. The intention was to hopefully impress and inspire the faithful by the tales of virtue and sacrifice.

            As the remains of our spiritual forefathers transversed Europe so did their reputation and legend. Their spirituality has been our inheritance and their steadfast devotion, unwavering discipline, and supreme austerities became a model for many of today's modern religious lifestyles. Early monasteries, mysticism, and strict rules of life may be credited as among the greatest contributions of culture to the world.

            In every society throughout history, there have always been hero's, exemplars for us to follow and emulate. The saints throughout Europe and the New World brought order to chaos, strength and hope to the common man, council to the wise and prominent, as well as opportunity for salvation. The bones of the Saints bring with them our past, reassure us in the present, and give us hope of a future.

            The guardians who possessed the Holy in the form of relics were able to show gratitude by sharing these sacred and Holy remains with others. The faithful often could not visit the shrines throughout the world that were frequently visited by the locals and the privileged. The traveling exhibit brought the saints to the faithful. The stories of the saints, allowed the faithful to become aware of the commonality to their lives, the struggles and sacrifices.

            The presence of the saints made the individualÕs perseverance and quest for the Heavenly Jerusalem a reality. Accounts of conversions, healings, and miracles were commonplace in the history of the translation of the relics of St. Marcellinus and St.Peter. In the United States, shrines that house relics are few, and generally speaking Churches no longer have relics available for public veneration or feast days. This is the void that Saints Alive is trying to fill.

            Chevalier Serafin is available to visit your Church with a select collection of relics and make them available for public veneration. We will discuss as a group the lives and legends of the saints. Chev. Serafin will also discuss the subjects of; electronic simony [the sale of relics on the internet], the International Crusade for Holy Relics, and all the information needed to inform you properly on the cultus of relics. If preapproved by your Pastor and with the cooperation of a parish priest, we will have a blessing of the faithful with a relic of the True Cross.

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